Vivian Leducky~

So like, I felt like taking a few minutes to write about you. ~ I appreciate you and everything you say! You’re a great buddy, because we’re there for each other. I got your back, and my own LOL :). But yeah, I’m glad I met you. It’s really nice that we both remember the day we met. As strange as it may seem, I do trust you a lot. Whether you trust me the same is up to you, but just remember to keep your head up high! Like a duck you are, most of us need you here because you’re part of our endless memories. We never got into a fight and that’s just …. Yay! Aha I don’t know ! I mean sure we argue about little things like definitions of words, and story time, but those are all small things. OCTOBER 16th is your birthday! :). “HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIVIAN! I wanted to be last!” Those words were the beginning. Well I hope you feel happy most of the time, because when you’re sad, I’m also responsible for you. A promise is a promise and I do intend to follow up with my words. Soo yeah, Happy Appreciation Night Buddy :).

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